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Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

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 Diabetes Type 1

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There is now a way to prevent type 1 diabetes and push it back by several years

Type 1 diabetes prevention

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Dear EPC Patients and Family Members,


The early screening and detection of Type 1 Diabetes is very important for prevention and management of the condition. In fact, there is a 15x increased risk of developing T1D if there is a family history. Based on your patient’s family history, we recommend Type 1 Diabetes Autoantibody screening to help with possible earlier detection of the condition. Teplizumab is the first FDA approved drug that can delay the onset of Type 1 Diabetes and can be initiated early in the disease process.


Below are the labs and codes for ordering Type 1 Diabetes Autoantibodies at any local lab.


If your patient's autoantibodies are positive then please call our office (832-593-8100) so we can get them scheduled as soon as possible.





CPT (Immunoassays for T1D Related Autoantibodies)

CPT Code 86341

Glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibodies (GADA)

Islet Tyrosine phosphatase autoantibodies (IA-2A)

Zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies (ZnT8A)

CPT code 86337

Test Code 36178

Insulin autoantibodies (IAA)

ICD-10-CM (Screening and Diagnosis)

E10.1 - E10.9

Diagnosis for Type 1 Diabetes


Encounter for screening for diabetes mellitus


Encounter for screening, unspecified


Family history of diabetes mellitus


Family history of other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disease


Endocrine disorder, unspecified


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office to get scheduled.




Rakesh Patel, DO