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Preeya Raghu, MD

Endocrinologist in Houston and Katy, TX

Preeya Raghu

Endocrinologist in Katy, TX

Preeya Raghu, MD, brings more than 15 years of experience to her role at Endocrine and Psychiatry Center, in Katy, Texas. Passionate about the effects that great care can have on patient health and wellness, Dr. Raghu finds her work deeply fulfilling. 


Education has always been important to Dr. Raghu. She completed her medical degree at Texas A&M College of Medicine in College Station before moving on to an internship and residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. Fellowship training at Rush University Medical Center further enhanced her knowledge and skills.


Dr. Raghu spends considerable time and effort exploring advancements in diabetes and metabolism care. She loves finding innovative ways to improve patient outcomes, and always includes patient education in every encounter. 


Partnering with a physician like Dr. Raghu is a wonderful way to take control of one’s health and wellness. Currently accepting new patients, Dr. Raghu is excited to welcome new members into the practice family.